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my name is Petr Stanicek. I'm from the Czech Republic, EU, and I'm a professional UX/UI analyst, consultant, designer and developer. I specialize in the usability and effectiveness of client and online applications. I'm also interested in accessibility for handicapped users.

For years I worked as a graphic and web designer, developer and online application programmer, which I do only marginally and exceptionally nowadays.



Web Design

My design experience goes back to 1992. Since the early 2000's, I have been focused on web design. The greater part of my work is in large, long-term projects and special projects. I don't list smaller individual web design projects in my portfolio.


  •, the color scheme designer

    a next generation of online application for creating color schemes

  • 2010



    During the years 2004-2008 most of my completed projects were for partners in the USA.


    Since the end of 2000 I have worked for the Ringier CZ publishing house, where I created the very first web sites of the titles they published. was the first and most important, for several years we were among the Czech market leaders. Web sites of other titles and magazines followed, as well as the company web and several purpose projects.

    Other selected projects

    Graphic Design

    My designs and graphic style can be judged on existing web sites I created. I also added several pieces of design work in a small design portfolio.




    I published lot of articles and blogspots regarding web design, CSS and Javascript. I'm publishing on my own blogs as well as in professional magazines and webzines, mostly in Czech language.

    I also wrote couple of books, mostly about CSS. The first one, CSS: The Complete Guide (in Czech only), has been bestseller for more than 6 years (and still selling).


    I program mostly in Javascript, I was experienced with PHP server-side aplications, too. Most of my applications are in Czech only, however there are some available in English, too:

    • JS/jQ: jQuery Plugins

      JS libraries and plugins for the jQuery framework are published continuously on my web

    • XUL+JS: Inbox toolbar

      Firefox add-on, complete realization

    • PHP: Blogging system Bloxxy

      I made this databaseless publishing system for my own purpose, and several of my older projects (e.g. the Pixylophone blog) are still running Bloxxy. Currently it's developed by other programmers without my participation.

    About Me


    Petr Staníček (Pixy)


    Professional designer and developer, amateur musician and bardling, dropout typographer, happy father of two beautiful daughters, mathemagician, lazy linguistician, almost professional cook and about 6'5 tall fool. At your service.

    Professional profile

    To make my professional profile easier accesible, I moved it to the social web LinkedIn.

    Why “Pixy”?

    It's my very old nickname. It originated in the early 90's. It had something to do with "pixels", as far as I remember. In those days I didn't speak English at all, so it wasn't related to pixies. The Pixy comics also have nothing to do with my nickname (in fact I had been using my nickname even before the first edition of the comics).


    To contact me, please prefer email. Thank you.

    Petr Staníček ("Pixy")
    I live and work near Kladno (Czechia, EU), but I'm not limited to the location. My customers are from around the world.
    +420 775-749 999 (775-PIXYYY)
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    pixycz / 571675997
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